Success & female empowerment in honour of International Women’s Day – “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle”

In honour of International Women’s Day, I am pleased to announce a competition prize of one pair of CHELSEA ROCKS stud earrings, (0.50 total carat weight)/ half a carat in total. To win this fabulous prize, tell us about your greatest personal or professional achievement and what success means to you, tagging 3 female friends to follow us on our Instagram page.

As CHELSEA ROCKS was recently featured in a Daily Mail article, female lab grown entrepreneurs were celebrated as overturning the somewhat antiquated norms are in the diamond industry. We strive to be the “new diamonds” of the industry – sharing all the essential toughness, brilliance and sparkle of mined diamonds. Most importantly, I believe we never let anyone dull our sparkle!

For me, success is about living my life to my fullest potential – in every facet of my existence, bringing authenticity and kindness to all my endeavours. This also means taking the time to treat my body with kindness and still achieving success because I no longer feel drained. Once that happens, I can succeed much more effectively and much more sustainably with much less damage to my health and relationships.

Hannah, our Head of Special Projects says: “Success to me is being able to achieve my own goals and ambitions, no matter how small they may seem, rather than chasing the aspirations we have predetermined for us by society. Comparison and competition can both help and hinder our determination to succeed. Setting your own pace, while creating time to learn, play and enjoy your world is, in my opinion, the key to success.”

Finally, this blogpost is dedicated to the strength, beauty and fearless heroism of the women of the Ukraine. Let their diamond like resilience be an inspiration in all that we do. In particular, a shout out to our dear colleague and collaborator, Elena, who is originally from the Ukraine and is one our brightest diamonds!