Love in a different climate…require diamonds with a difference…


In my latest podcast, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the renowned broadcaster Sue Saville, (listen to it here). During the interview, I was asked about the inevitable impact of the Covid- 19 pandemic on the demand for diamonds. Interestingly, there is a paradox as one might initially think that in times of economic recession, with many unemployed and out of job and extreme uncertainty, demand would plummet.

On consideration of life-changing, global events in the past such as 9/11, Fukushima and even the recession of 2008 – paradoxically, the reverse was true and there was a strengthened demand for diamonds. How could one account for this? Much has been written about the enduring appeal of diamonds and how they represent the ultimate symbol of love. Diamonds have stood the test of time, illness and economic downturns as people gather those whom they love close and what better way to express that than a diamond? The symbolism remains as strong as eternal as ever…

However, the pandemic has irrevocably changed how we construe the world and what we consumer. In the past, much was made Millennials and Gen X being the drives for sustainability and eco-accountability. This ripple effect has now fanned out to permeate more strata of our society, with consumers more aware than ever of the strained relationship between our material consumption and exploitation of the natural world. There is increasing discussion about how we can leverage this collective experience to create a new paradigm and change the way we consume.

My belief is that Laboratory Grown Diamonds will play a key role in this evolving narrative as a result of their ethical transparency and eco positivity. More than ever before are the values of inclusivity, authenticity and conscious spending more relevant. Purposeful living is a key theme as we make sense of the changing world around us. As many billions of people all over the world are still under lockdown, they may have the opportunity and necessary silence to ask themselves many big and important questions about themselves, their lives and the way forward.

The things we relate to in our lives have changed as have how we relate to them. For some, this might even have a spiritual or seeking dimension to it? In this period of heightened emotion and intensity, there is a sense of stripping away the unnecessary and superfluous in our lives. My understanding of the role of Laboratory Grown Diamonds in this context is their potential to express these sustainable and conscientious values as the ultimate gift of love. For me, Laboratory Grown Diamonds are the contemporary and modern alternative to mined stones. The fact that they are lighter on the earth as well as lighter on the wallet in these economically straightened times cannot be overlooked. 

In diamond education, one often talks about the “4Cs” – carat, colour, cut and clarity. Laboratory Grown Diamonds in my mind represent the “5th C” – conscious choice. To stretch the metaphor, Chelsea Rocks Laboratory Grown Diamonds also represent other positive attributes starting with the letter “C”, caring, compassion, clean, contemporary … not to mention cool!

Ultimately, the most important value for Chelsea Rocks is kindness and personal connection. Right now, as I see it, there is a real need for meaningful personal connection. Our Laboratory Grown Diamonds are kind to Mother earth and kind to mankind. Once the lockdown is eased, people will crave human touch, to be reunited with those they love and may express this with all the new meaning endowed in a Laboratory Grown Diamond.