Sustainability: luxury with a clear conscience


The concept of sustainability, like the much-used term “luxury” has become somewhat diffuse. As an early adopter of laboratory grown diamond technology, CHELSEA ROCKS was founded on the vision of diamond jewellery which is “…both kind on Mother earth and mankind”.


With the ever-dwindling supply of diamonds from natural sources, the recent closing of major mines, such as the Argyle mine in Australia, it is clear that mining diamonds for perpetuity is not a sustainable option. Not least, the displacement of indigenous communities and ecosystems which can be the unfortunate byproduct of the diamond mining industry, despite best efforts in recent years to address these concerns. These factors coupled with the imperative to prevent the exploitation of the poor, make laboratory grown diamonds (LGDs) an attractive alternative to mined diamonds.


However, the sustainability argument with regards to laboratory grown diamonds is both complex and nuanced. While LGDs present a number of eco positives, CHELSEA ROCKS strive to present a balanced argument and guard against any so-called ‘green washing’. Instead, we celebrate laboratory grown diamonds as an additional choice to consumers, as we believe that true luxury comes from an informed position with a clean conscience. 


We continue to work with suppliers approved by the Responsible Jewellery Council to assist in our contribution for a greener and more sustainable future for us all. An important part of our work is to collaborate with industry organisations such as the International Grown Diamond Association to drive retailer and consumer education about laboratory grown diamonds to disseminate accurate, fair and honest information to assist and protect those who wish to choose a laboratory grown diamond. Collaboration with industry peers, suppliers and retailers is key in shaping this agenda as true impact does not happen in isolation.