Diamonds - The Ultimate Luxury Asset?

A couple of weeks ago, I was delighted to participate in a webinar hosted by the luxury division of the consumer protection association IORMA (please hyperlink IORMA - The Global Consumer Commerce Centre. The webinar brought together a number of esteemed colleagues to discuss the intriguing thought whether “diamonds are the ultimate luxury asset?”. 

The webinar posed many questions such as, are diamonds a commodity or an heirloom and how are luxury consumers distinguishing between mined, laboratory grown and antique diamonds? For many, a diamond is the ultimate gemstone. As an industry the diamond trade has existed for eons, and has evolved in many ways over recent years. It has undergone scrutiny with sourcing in conflict zones, associations with organised crime, forgery, manufactured gemstones and it has been revalued as a luxury asset. Today, the diamond industry is an important facet, not just of the jewellery industry but as part of the luxury goods domain as it evolves to embrace different consumer channels, marketing strategies and more ingenious ways of enticing an audience which is spoilt for choice in terms of luxury gifts. In this webinar we aimed to present different perspectives on perceived consumer value and prestige in a diamond purchase. Namely, how do mined diamonds and antique pieces sit against their laboratory grown counterparts?

You can watch our webinar below, featuring the following contributors and myself as the founder of CHELSEA ROCKS: 

John Benjamin, Antiques Roadshow expert, Lecturer, Valuer and Jewellery Historian
John, well known from his Antiques Roadshow appearances, was formerly International Director of Jewellery at Phillips Fine Art Auctioneers

Helen Dimmick, The Jewel Matcher (

Helen Dimmick is an award-winning gemmologist and independent jewellery specialist who lives, breathes and loves every facet of the jewellery business.

Julie Hucker, Founder. MYLUXX Consulting

As the founder of MYLUXX consulting, Julie is responsible for brand strategy and communication projects.

MODERATOR Pandora Mather-Lees, Founder,; IORMA Advisory Board Member

Pandora is an art historian and director of Pandora Art Services, an education company advising the superyacht industry with onboard valuables. 

An Art Historian and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Pandora’s career includes over 20 years at Board level in the cultural sector, focusing on business strategy, marketing and development.


Happy viewing & #shineon!

Joanna x