Design Competition

  CHELSEA ROCKS & Bring Diamonds diamond design + merchandise competition Diamond desire:

The diamond start-up, “CHELSEA ROCKS – Laboratory Grown Diamonds” & “Bring Diamonds”, the premier manufacturer of lab growns in the UK, invite students of all disciplines at Condé Nast College to enter a diamond jewellery design and merchandising competition #MODERNLOVE

BRIEF: Diamond desire: #MODERN LOVE” – engagement ring design & merchandise competition

CONCEPT:    Design:

(1) an engagement ring to be made with laboratory grown diamonds

(2) Supporting 360-degree design & visual merchandising concept for retail sale


The competition references the heritage of diamond jewellery design & diamonds as the symbol of eternal love. It celebrates the zeitgeist, focuses on sustainability, affordability & new materials, styles & romantic expression. This will be promoted and presented by participants & evaluated on design, styling and marketing strategies.


(1) To encourage, stimulate and promote the pursuit of excellence in design of diamond jewellery made with lab grown diamonds

(2) Provide an international platform for next-generation stars to showcase their talents in front of experts in the fields of design, jewellery, marketing and styling

(3) Commercialise winning design, styling and marketing ideas by CHELSEA ROCKS & Bring Diamonds


Any student enrolled at CN college may enter, irrespective of subject.

Students may enter either as an individual, or in a group of up to 4 students. (One submission per individual/group entrant.)

The competition is open to a maximum of 50 entries. Entrants will be tasked to both design and market their piece.


(1) DESIGN a ring incorporating laboratory grown diamonds* inspired by the theme “MODERN LOVE”.

Scaled drawing OR computer render & 60 second video explaining the business case to be submitted on CHELSEA ROCKS digital platform, (no finished items or prototypes to be submitted)

Students will be given a palette of diamond colours, shapes and sizes to use. Retail price should be calculated not to exceed 5,000 Pounds Sterling*.

(2) STYLING & CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT – submit a mood board to show creative inspiration, journey and development & how the piece(s) could be styled to meet the demands of the social media age

(3) MERCHANDISE, MARKET & SELL – submit a 60 second video to outline how you would successfully retail the piece both online & offline, considering:

      • target market
      • messages about LGDs, e.g., sustainability, greenwashing concerns, consumer education etc.
      • where and how the product would be sold – in-store & online visual merchandising
      • how to overcome selling obstacles in the LGD market e.g., competition with mined diamonds in the same shop / vitrine / website
      • price point and how to justify it?


Once participants have completed these 3 stages, they should be submitted on the CHELSEA ROCKS website. Submissions can take the form of sketches, renders or videos with a maximum of 6 visual submissions and 1 x 60 second marketing video. Entries must include at least 1 sketch/render of the design, 1 styling mood board and 1 60-second marketing video.


The top 10 entries will be selected and judged by a panel of international experts from fine art, jewellery, business, fashion, design and marketing. Exclusive prizes, including internships at CHELSEA ROCKS & Bring Diamonds. The overall winning submission will be prototyped with laboratory grown diamonds and auctioned off for charity.

*Commercial pricing of diamonds:

**Technical specification for diamonds:

Colour palette, sizes & shapes TBA