HALO AWARD - New Dealer's Notice - Hallmarking

They say that the “…hallmark of excellence is consistency”… For this reason, CHELSEA ROCKS places store on hallmarking our products in line with latest regulations and conventions to protect our customers. Did you know that by law there are certain hallmarking regulations when selling jewellery in the UK and the rest of the world? In the UK it is illegal to supply or offer to supply any item as gold, silver, platinum or palladium unless it is hallmarked. Exemption weights apply:

• silver - 7.78 grams
• gold and palladium - 1 gram
• platinum - 0.5 grams

Each of the 4 UK Assay offices (Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Sheffield) has a separate mark. International hallmarks must contain the scales of the Common Control Mark.

Look for the Hallmark, it’s your guarantee