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Welcome to the Chelsea Rocks Journal. This blog is dedicated to all things diamond, sparkly and beautiful. Since time immemorial, diamonds have captured the attention of man and womankind. In this Journal, I hope to share my love of diamonds, their allure and mystique.

Since Laboratory Grown Diamonds are 100% diamond in all their optical, chemical and molecular properties, they share all the romance evoked the narrative of mined diamonds. I am truly excited about the potential of Laboratory Grown Diamonds, not only in terms of their ability to match mined diamonds in their technical performance, but since they are 100% diamond, they too, are a symbol of everlasting love.

While buying a diamond is an exciting life event, it might initially appear slightly daunting. In this blog, I will help to de-mystify this process and guide you along key issues and concerns you may have. As a trusted information resource on diamonds and Laboratory Grown Diamonds in particular, I endeavour at all times to present honest and accurate information.

Since Laboratory Grown Diamonds are a relatively new category, I recognised that there is a need for a trusted and reliable repository of information about Laboratory Grown Diamonds. Future topics will include, but not limited to: ‘the 4Cs’ used to assess diamonds, the technical properties of Laboratory Grown Diamonds, grading and how to decide on a budget for an engagement ring.

In conjunction with the Chelsea Rocks, “My favourite things” podcast, the “Ask a gemmologist” feature and other community resources, I hope to help de-risk the diamond buying process by offering reliable information in simple English, free from unnecessary technical jargon. If you would like a question or topic to be featured, please write to me at assistance@chelsearocks.eu.

I hope that you enjoy the Chelsea Rocks Journal and share my enthusiasm for Laboratory Grown Diamonds.

Stay brilliant and shine on! 

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