"Diamonds: an intriguing past, a scintillating future?"

Since time immemorial diamonds have been a source of fascination to mankind. Durham alumna, Joanna Park-Tonks (Castle, 1996-2000) takes us on a thrilling journey through the history of diamonds - their intriguing past which captured the imagination of many and more recently their evolving future as man has devised a way to create laboratory grown diamonds. Joanna, founder of CHELSEA ROCKS - specialising in laboratory grown diamonds, is joined by award-winning gemmologist, Helen Dimmick BA (Hons), FGA, DGA, RJ (man) dip, who shares why jewellery continues to be such a powerful visual language and why diamonds are the ultimate of all gemstones. You will also learn how laboratory grown diamonds share all the qualities of mined diamonds, though are lighter on the environment and your pocket!

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