Welcome to the SW3 Collection!

Inspired by the street style of London’s Chelsea, I am delighted to preview our initial offering with the “SW3 Collection”. As you can see, we have named the SW3 Collection after some of the iconic streets and landmarks in Chelsea and beyond.

Jewellery is an expression of a woman’s (and man’s!) individuality, story and identity.  Here, we focus on a ‘small but beautiful’ collection of earrings: studs, hoops and chandeliers, to be enjoyed by ladies and gentlemen, day or night. Since we are currently closed due to Covid- 19, you are able to wish list your favourite items until we open.

After much love, planning and care, we have created earrings which we hope are both timeless and elegant. While diamond earrings are, of course, nothing new – we believe that by using Laboratory Grown Diamonds in all our products we blend heritage with modernity. Laboratory Grown Diamonds are the contemporary alternative to mined diamonds – light on the environment and lighter on the pocket!